Margaret Barker

Margaret Barker is the Founder of Ethos Literacy.  She did not begin her career as a literacy advocate but as an attorney. When she was in her 40s, a health condition forced her to close her law practice. She then volunteered as a reading tutor at the community college .  She discovered a lifetime passion: adult literacy.  Margaret has received these awards: Marietta College Distinguished Alumna Award; City of Albuquerque Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation for Impactful Service; New Mexico Coalition for Literacy Distinguished Service Award. She is the author of Reading - You Can Do It Too! In 2017, she represented Ethos Literacy (then called Reading Works) at the Library of Congress Literacy Awards when Reading Works was named a Best Practices in Literacy Honoree.  In 2019, she was a speaker at the ProLiteracy Conference. 

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