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لوستل - تاسو کولی شئ دا هم کړئ!

دا هغه نصاب دی چې د ایتوس د سواد زده کړې مؤسسې مارګریټ بارکر لخوا رامینځته شوی ترڅو د لوستلو اصلي برخو ښوونې لپاره په ټینګار سره
تلیفونیک او د الفبا پوهاوی. دا د لومړني سواد او انګلیسي ژبې زده کونکو دواړو سره کارول کیدی شي.

Reading - You Can Do It Too!: About Us

about reading - you can do it too!

Reading You Can Do It Too! will give learners the tools they need to master the first four components of reading:

  • Phonemic awareness: recognizing the sounds in spoken words

  • Alphabetic awareness: recognizing the letters and the sounds they represent

  • Blending: smoothly joining the sounds together

  • Syntactic awareness: knowledge of word order

Plus an introduction to the other components of reading: fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension

Reading You Can Do It Too!

  • Contains a script and detailed instructions tutors can use to conduct the lessons

  • Uses visuals and examples appropriate for emergent learners

  • Uses multi-sensory teaching modalities, memory aids, writing, games and puzzles

  • Is appropriate for learners with reading skills below 3.9 grade equivalency level

  • Is appropriate for English language learners

  • Is designed to be used by volunteer tutors

  • Is written at 7th grade level equivalency on the Fry Readability Scale making it ideal for peer-to-peer tutoring 


موږ لوستل معرفي کړل - تاسو دا هم کولی شئ! د 2019 پرو لیټریسي کنفرانس کې چیرې چې مارګریټ د لوی سواد زده کړې متخصصینو ته پریزنټشن ورکړ. د بورډ غړو جولي مک کارډ او جیریډ ویلیامز د کنفرانس برخه والو سره د نصاب په اړه خبرې وکړې.

Reading - You Can Do It Too!: About Us
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