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February 10, 2021

This year's Short Short Story Contest looked a little different, but we still had a great turnout. The challenge was to write a story using 100 words on one of four topics: water, ants, 1940s or bowling. We added a youth author prize this year for writers 14 years and younger. Writers from 25 states, Canada and Belize submitted stories. Due due to Covid-19 we couldn't host a winner's reveal night but we are very excited to host one in the future for the next contest. The winners received cash prizes!

Best of Contest:  Deliah Lawrence

Best of Category Ants:  Cecilla E. Davenport

Best of Category Bowling: Heidi Wells

Best of Category Water: Heather Cottom

Best of Category 1940s: Heather Cottom

Best Youth Story:  Addison Kurtin

People's Choice Prize: Molly Milroy

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