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Tutor Newsletter: April 2021 Edition

Hello tutors! As you may have noticed in our recent emails, we have changed our name to Ethos Literacy. With other programs in the area having similar names, and to avoid confusion, we thought it was the perfect time to rebrand. Please take a look at our new website and get acquainted.

Yesenia, our Student & Marketing Coordinator, has created a new feature that we are very excited to announce to you - we now have groups for you and your students to join! To view these groups you must first sign up as a member (it is free - click here to do so). Once you have signed up, you will be placed into the Tutor group as well as whatever group it is that you lead for your class. The group page is a place to share ideas, tips, tricks, ask questions or just chat. Group pages for your students will hopefully become a place where students can submit assignments or find resources shared by you their tutors. If you have any questions about this feature feel free to submit a contact form on our page or send an email to

We are looking to fill our newspaper, so we need all of our students to join in the fun! Have your students write a poem, short story, joke, thought, recipe, puzzle, book review, etc. The important thing is to keep on writing! If you need any help or ideas give Cindy a shout at (Have your students send these submissions to Click here to read some of our previous editions of New Words.

Here are our updates for the New Words Project Year End Performance: Ethos Literacy has been awarded a two year grant from the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund and is partnering with the City of Albuquerque to put on a live virtual event of creative writing stories featured in our student newsletter New Words. If you and your student are interested in participating, or have any questions, please let us know. Esodie will be in touch with further details. This live event will occur on June 26th (exact time has yet to be established).

News For You online subscriptions are now available! There you will find easy-to-read stories, exercises, vocabulary, crosswords, word-searches, etc. in each issue. Contact Cindy to find out how to access this wonderful resource.

Ethos Literacy has received funding for tablets! If your student is in need of a tablet we can check one out to them. Please contact Cindy at with the subject "Student Tablet" to get started.

We have also created a new email for tutors and students. The email address is Please send all of your student work logs, student writing samples, student submissions to New Words, and lesson plans to this new email. Anything that needs staff attention or is of personal nature, send to the appropriate staff member:,,

On Thursday April 8th we are having our New Tutor Orientation. It will be held form 6-7:30pm MT via Zoom. You can RSVP for the event here.

On April 21st at 11am MT we will also be hosting a virtual Brown Bag Lunch event. It's been so long since we've all gotten together and seen each other so we would love it if we could have a virtual luncheon. More details will be coming out later. You can RSVP for the event here.

Lastly, we have some recommendations for tutor resources. Check out the following websites if you need some inspiration for lessons:

  1. BL phonics skills (decodables): West Virginia Phonics | tools4reading

  2. Reading Comprehension Instructions: ReadWorks

  3. Intermediate English Speaking Videos - Speak English with Vanessa:

  4. Beginning ESL Videos with Mark Kleuk:

  5. Practicing phonics, pronunciation, conversation & idioms: Rachel's English - YouTube

  6. Creating worksheets & exercises: English Exercises ESL (

That's all for now. Check back every month for the newest Tutor Newsletter. Remember to subscribe and sign up to be a site member!

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