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This is a curriculum developed by Ethos Literacy founder Margaret Barker to teach the core components of reading with an emphasis on phonemic and alphabetic awareness. It can be used with both basic literacy and English language learners.

Proceeds from the sale of Reading - You Can Do It Too! supports Ethos Literacy's adult education program. 

Shipping is free in the USA! For international orders, please contact us.

Reading - You Can Do It Too!: About Us

about reading - you can do it too!

Reading You Can Do It Too! will give learners the tools they need to master the first four components of reading:

  • Phonemic awareness: recognizing the sounds in spoken words

  • Alphabetic awareness: recognizing the letters and the sounds they represent

  • Blending: smoothly joining the sounds together

  • Syntactic awareness: knowledge of word order

Plus an introduction to the other components of reading: fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension

Reading You Can Do It Too!

  • Contains a script and detailed instructions tutors can use to conduct the lessons

  • Uses visuals and examples appropriate for emergent learners

  • Uses multi-sensory teaching modalities, memory aids, writing, games and puzzles

  • Is appropriate for learners with reading skills below 3.9 grade equivalency level

  • Is appropriate for English language learners

  • Is designed to be used by volunteer tutors

  • Is written at 7th grade level equivalency on the Fry Readability Scale making it ideal for peer-to-peer tutoring 


We introduced Reading - You Can Do It Too! ​at the 2019 ProLiteracy Conference where Margaret gave a presentation to adult literacy practitioners.
Board members Julie McCord and Jerrid Williams talked with conference attendees
about the curriculum.

Reading - You Can Do It Too!: About Us
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